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Research Initiatives

Bridging the Gap in the Non Profit World

USX serves as the connection between the military veteran community and the science & research community.

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Exploration: An Opportunity and a Necessity

Leads to discovery of new resources

Pushes technological development

Inspire Others

Measures the best of our energy and skills

Provides Veterans with a sense of purpose

Our Soldier lead, exploration driven expeditions establish a foundation that inspires others to follow: to build on the discoveries and apply the knowledge gained to address some of the most pressing challenges we face as a military and nation and what better way than incorporating Veterans to help with this!

Want to get involved and continue serving—contact us and learn ways you can help.

What We Do

We use small teams of Soldiers and Veterans to further Research and American exploration while enabling Veterans to continue serving their country.

Area of Focus

Initiatives to further Science, Research and Exploration across the globe, ranging from underwater exploration to testing future Military technology.

Providing Purpose through Serving

Enabling Soldiers to continue serving after their military career is over instills a renewed sense of purpose combined with teamwork and camaraderie found on these expedition teams is a key component to combating PTSD, says Executive Director CSM Burnett.

Way Forward

We are growing incredibly fast and will be conducting a wide range of robust Research Initiatives in the next two years. You don’t have to have any particular skill set to get involved: Contact us to learn ways in which you can continue serving.

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Still Not Convinced?

Here are just a few of the inventions from US Exploration initiatives that have changed our World:

Cat Scanners, Microchips, Insulation, LEDs, Smoke Detectors, Solar Energy, Water & Air Filters, Landmine Removal, Telecommunications, Metal Coatings for US Army Tanks, Artificial Limbs, and these are just a few. Exploration is fundamental to progress and development, the moment we stop exploring is the moment we are at risk as a country.