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How We Are Different

There are more than 1300 veteran nonprofits helping improve veteran quality of life after service to their country is over and these nonprofits do a phenomenal job. While these Organizations do great things for our Veterans when service is over, we think we can do more, because we believe service shouldn’t stop, when your military career does.

A New Story for Veterans

The story for Veterans has been that once you are done serving in the military your service to your country is most likely over. We don’t believe that should be the case and we are here to change that.

Our vision is to provide a different avenue that enables Soldiers and Veterans to continue serving America long after their military life is over--your service to your country doesn’t have to stop when the battlefield ends.

Our Approach

USX has two focuses—Research Initiatives and Nexus Expeditions. Both enable Soldiers and Veterans to continue serving their country, all while furthering science, exploration or causes important to our country.

We do this through incorporating teams of the United States’ most capable soldiers, past and present, empowered by scientists, educators, fellow adventurers and you. Our small teams’ foster teamwork needed to complete a difficult task, a renewed sense of purpose and continued service to country. Check out “Our Impact” to learn more about each and find ways to continue serving!

Learn more about Our Impact

Our First Expedition & Research Initiative:

The first USX endeavor was an Expedition to the summit of Mount Everest
on May 24, 2016. The Expedition raised awareness and
funds for mental health initiatives in order to improve Veterans’ quality of life.
We are also conducting research and testing with our USX Expedition Soldiers
and equipment in order to help our fellow Soldiers improve their capabilities
and equipment in rugged conditions.

Learn More

Join an upcoming Nexus Expedition, Research Initiative or find other ways to continue serving.