USX Veteran Everest Expedition | APR-JUN 2016

The Story: For over a decade, U.S. Army Soldiers have been training, fighting and leading the way for America during the War on Terror. Thousands of Soldiers have died, thousands more have returned visibly wounded and countless others continue to fight “hidden” wounds. For those that serve, past, present and future, the mission continues.

The Problem: US Army Soldiers are required, by the nature of their profession, to accomplish incredibly difficult tasks. The War on Terror has proved this. When presented a mission, the Soldier, with sound leadership, thorough training and the right equipment, will succeed – and he continues to succeed in this capacity until he retires or ends his/her service. All too often however, when service is complete the Soldier is left without a mission and instead of living with a well defined task and purpose, the Soldier continues living in the shadow of horrific events endured in combat and on deployment. This must end.

The Solution: Adventure. USX provides adventurous expeditions and explorations for Veterans. The first is Mount Everest - tallest mountain in the world standing at 29,029 feet. No US Army Team (active or veteran) has ever summited Everest. We aim to be the first and in doing so we'll place the first ever combat wounded Veteran, and the first active duty soldier, atop the world. There is a mission left unaccomplished; the mental health of our Soldiers returning from deployments. The USX Army Team will climb Mount Everest to bring attention to this issue and raise funds and awareness to heal these wounded warriors. The Mission Continues.

Help be a part of raising awareness and help the USX Army Soldiers Summit Everest! Together we can make a difference. Together we can accomplish anything. Even a small donation will move the team one step closer to a monumental achievement and will help fight the battle for soldiers back home.

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soldiers mtn

Everest Expedition Team

LT Harold EarlsExpedition Climber
US Army, West Point

SSG Chad JukesExpedition Climber

LT Elyse Ping MedvigyExpedition Climber
US Army

New Gear! USX Lifestyle Collaborations. Proceeds will go towards raising awareness for PTSD.

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