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GovX is an e-commerce destination for active duty, reserve and retired members of the U.S. Armed Forces and related government agencies. They are a proud supporter of the US Military and it’s veterans. Please find out more about GovX at www.govx.com


Chevrolet is an American mobile division of General Motors that produces and sells a wide range of vehicles, from subcompact automobiles to medium-duty commercial trucks. For more information on Chevrolet Products, clicking on the Chevrolet logo.

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Marmot is an outdoor clothing and sporting goods company founded in 1974 as Marmot Mountain Works. For more information on Marmot Products, clicking on the Marmot logo.

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"Expedia is one of the world’s leading full-service online travel brands helping travelers easily plan and book travel with the widest selection of vacation packages, flights, hotels, rental cars, cruises and in-destination activities, attractions, and services.”

Valued Partners

Sweet Baby Rays

Sweet Baby Ray’s is a barbecue sauce phenomenon and a proud supporter of the military community. You can bet we will be grilling with Sweet Baby Rays while on Everest!

COAST Products

COAST Products is a family owned company that manufactures LED Lights, Knives, and Multi-Tools for work, recreation, and everyday use. For more information on COAST Products, clicking on the COAST Products logo.


DuPont™ Kevlar® aramid fiber allows people to Dare Bigger. It’s used to make a variety of clothing, accessories, and equipment safe and cut resistant. One of our climbers, retired amputee SSG Jukes' prosthetic is made with Kevlar products. The ropes we will be using to climb are also made of the durable aramid Kevlar fibers. Kevlar® aramid fiber is pushing boundaries and defying obstacles every day.

US Legacy Co.

US Legacy is Georgia's top real estate developer, providing a comprehensive suite of integrated Real Estate development services that provide clients with trusted resources throughout the entire project.

Southern Ground

Southern Ground is Zac Brown's unique lifestyle brand that is firmly based on a strong belief in originality, quality and philanthropy.

Pitch Publicity

One of the nation's top publicity companies focusing developing a strategic story angle for the media, Pitch Publicity is helping USX share our story and cause to the nation.

Structor Group

Structor Group builds a framework for excellence in education, healthcare, office and specialty commercial construction projects. Structor Group offers the focus, expertise, and service to meet highly specialized construction requirements.

Inmarsat Government

Inmarsat Government provides secure end-to-end global communications solutions via a redundant satellite and terrestrial network. We keep you connected reliably, securely, and affordably – on land, sea, air, and by mobile Satcom for on-the-move applications.

Partnering Organizations

No Barriers

No Barriers Warriors’ experiences serve as both an opportunity for growth and catalyst for change as veterans stretch boundaries, build teams, innovate through adversity, and step up to lead and serve others. Learn more about No Barriers by clicking on the No Barriers logo.